Please Do....

1. Use the logos to link to our redbracket website

2. Use the logos in any blog posts or news items about us

3. Use the logos in pictures which link to our website

4. Use the logos in all your promotional materials like
    brochures, advertisements, corporate stationery etc.

Please Don't....

1. Create any modified versions of our logos

2. Integrate our logo with your own logo

3. Change colours, proportions of our logos

4. Add your own text or images to our logos

5. Use them in a way that mixes redbracket with another brand

The Key Symbol


C 4    M 96    Y 90    K 1


C 0    M 0    Y 0    K 88

White background

Dark background

White background(monochromatic)

Dark background(monochromatic)

The Logo

#37424b       #ee3133

White background (two colour)

Dark background (monochromatic)

White background(monochromatic)

The Marketing Materials

When using our assets in your promotional materials, please use these combinations only.